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Thanking Walt Disney

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Looking back at my past, I see a young girl expanding her imagination. I am thankful for the pain I experienced growing up with parents who were both alcoholics. It was not all bad, because I also learned the power of love. Today I love who I am and I have a purpose. I love to paint, write and teach the lessons I have learned. I want to bring a sense of peace when I teach. I am no expert but I feel comfortable doing what I do. I would like to share one of my poems with you. I hope to get some feedback.

Thank you for your time.

" Thanking Walt Disney "

Innately I knew

The two people I loved the most were unaware

of my pain and suffering

Most of the time there was no anger or hatred

I felt a great sadness

Even as a child

I saw them as humans

doing their best

Yet consumed within their own pain and sufferings

I must have been seven or eight

When I saw the Disney films Cinderella and Snow White.

I fell in love with the characters of Cinderella and her Prince Charming

Loving the movie so much

I acquired the book

Whenever there was discord in the home

There would be a period of quiet respite

With book in hand, I would head out to my favorite tree climb up to the fork in the branches to sit and read, imagining that one day my Prince Charming would come to rescue me. From my vantage point in the tree. the street could be seen I would observe as the world went by Instilling a sense of normalcy to my soul

Most time than not , a chameleon would scurry upon my lap

Becoming very still. I would witness the change of colours from tree bark to whatever I was wearing that day. My heart would be gladdened. I believe this to be a sign of pure magic and that anything was possible!

At the age of twenty-one. I fell in love and married my Prince Charming. After thirty-four years and three daughters. The Dragon showed its sharp teeth. Spewing the fires of truth, as I tried to hide in the prison of pain and suffering. My perceptions of Prince Charming was slain. The idea of Prince Charming rose like a Phoenix, out of the ashes in the love and support of my three daughters, family and friends, I could bear no hatred or regrets of broken dreams I was given something more precious The gift of my three daughters.

I chose to respond with compassion

And so I began to rebuild a sense of worthiness. I asked myself, What could I have done differently to keep this family together? I came to the conclusion

My Prince Charming and I did not have the same goals in life. Inevitably, This fairy tale came to an end.

However, as I bask in the rays of the present life. Prince Charming is alive and well This time he has transformed into the energy of Peace. He has given me a purpose as I share the creative side of me. I am slowly evolving Intellectually and Spiritually, most of all. With love in my heart and gratitude in my spirit.

And so Mr. Walt Disney, I thank you for inspiring within me. My Prince Charming of Hope

Love and Light


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