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Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Shortly after high school I got married and started a family of my own.

For the first time in my life I was now alone.  This is my story of how faith came into my life.

The Christmas Spirit

Encircling myself into soft blankets

in a fetal position

The mind is alive with tumbling images of

Christmases Past

The heart begins to ache for a place and time

no longer in existence 

Brightly colored lights

and shimmering decorations

exude warmth with a magical purpose

to the yuletide ambiance

I loathe that I had to give up

hosting gatherings with loved ones

as aromas permeate throughout the home

of the feast to come

Anticipation of Santa

The giving and receiving of gifts

These Vignettes

release a river of tears

as I mourn

what once was...

Obliviously I must have fallen asleep

Eyes flutter

to a flood of Sunshine

streaming thru the window

resonate hopeful and curious thoughts

of what this day will bring

It is Christmas Eve

I will be visiting with family and friends

But not as it used to be

And so I surrender to What Is

The sunlight urges me to the window

and so I follow

I believed. By taking a peek at the world 

outside myself

All will be well

To my delight 

It had silently snowed while I slept

With eyes wide open

A picturesque Winter Wonderland lay before me

Every branch and twig

covered in Big, Fat, Fluffy sticky snow

Christmas Snow!

Panning the scene 

eyes settle on the small tree closest to my window

I marvel at the shapes and sizes

of branches and twigs

The beauty seems ethereal

reminding me

I would not have a Christmas Tree this year


two Blue Jays and two Cardinals

alight in haphazard formation

bringing joyous laughter to my heart

as they twist and turn

then fly away

I chuckle at the thought

This was a real live Christmas Tree

A precious gift from Universal Spirit

My Being instantly switched

from mourning the past

to a calming sense of

Love,  Peace and Gratitude

Isn't that what is called

The magic of Christmas


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