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Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I imagine my ancestors Circa 1860, walking or hitching a ride from a bullock or donkey cart,slowly heading to the Port of Calcutta, India.

Leaving family and friends and a familiar way of being.

What gave them the strength to get on a boat to seek a new life

If they knew of the perilous four months journey on the high seas, would they have ventured?

Or could the reason have been just an Adventure of the Unknown?

Or was courage born from a deep desire for change.

" Intentions"

A thought passes thru the mind

No attention is given

It was as if gently being kissed on the cheek by the wind

The thought passes through the mind once again

becoming an acquaintance

Bringing a smile to one's face

The thought continues to envelop the mine

until it feels like you are greeting an old friend

Then it starts dancing in your head

Until it becomes an idea

Weighing the pros and cons...

Until one or the other feels right

and so escalates into an Intention

This intention awakens into something

that is no longer dormant


Transforming: Like a cocoon into a butterfly

To land where it may...

From the book: The Silent Teachers

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