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Welcome! As humans, we are given the ability to experience, learn, retain and teach; as opposed to the animal kingdom where survival is instinctual. Every human needs a purpose in life. Without it we are like a ship without a rudder. The soul knows all there is to know to offer guidance on this journey, we need to become mindful in order to access this guidance. 


The Silent Teachers - Voices of love

When emotionally or psychologically broken, walls are built in protection of the self. In the poems "Voices of Love" I say walls can be taken down brick by brick, so that the light of personal truth can be revealed.


Why should truth be valued? Because fear, real or imagined can be crippling to the mind and must be released. Love, compassion and forgiveness are healing energies.


They create inner strength to navigate stresses in our daily lives. Painful times are sacred to the Spirit Every experience has meaning and purpose...


Love and Light



The Silent Teachers - First Edition

Have you ever wondered why - as human beings, we look at a Thundering Waterfall or a Beautiful Butterfly with such awe.

To grasp a moment in time where all the senses are powerfully charged to almost lift you off your feet? "The Silent Teachers" is a collection of prose, telling short stories about such experiences...

-Observing bees on my flowering crabapple tree, buzzing about their business told me: Life must go on when tragedy strikes.

-Walking along the garden and stopping to smell a rose, gave me the promise of hope.

Knowing that everything is unfolding as it should.

I wish you - the reader to recall your own moments in time where you felt something and knew "It is a Beautiful, Living, Breathing world, and that we are all a part of this human experience."

Pryamvada Bann’s little book of wisdom, The Silent Teachers, is a treasure. The author and artist marvels at all of life’s reverent beauty, honoring it through her paintings and her poetry. The paintings used in this book to accompany each poem are spectacular.

- Readers Favorite


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